Florida Sea Otter Visitors

Florida is like no place else I've ever lived. Unpredictable weather. Crazy heat and rainstorms. Magnificent sunrise and sunsets. Beaches that are the freedom path of the heart and mind. Crazy visits from animals, some we like to see and some not so much. While we love nature and animals I really do not welcome any visits from snakes or alligators. Not a fan of armadillos and moles. As long as they don't enter my space, I don't evict them from theirs sort of live and let live.

We do however love the bunny rabbits especially the baby bunnies that stop by and munch on some of our pretty lawn. We have been thrilled to see herons and cranes strolling by. Seeing the occasional bobcat and baby bobcats stroll by has been thrilling to be honest. And some days you get lucky and the sea otters stop by to visit on their way from lake to river.

Fun and unpredictable. We are very careful to respect their environment and just get to wave hello and goodbye. You never know what will happen next in Florida.

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