Hi From The Beach

Hi from the beach always a welcome no matter the weather, you are welcome to visit. You may have to bundle up in winter jackets, shed everything but your bathing suit or find some beach gear inbetween. Quick dry pants, shorts and tops are awesome for the beach especially for those days when you aren't really going to just sunbathe or swim in the waves.

Beaches are waiting for you come fishing, shelling and walking. The power of the ocean, waves, sun, wind and sand will do what they will and it's you that needs to be prepared!

Hi From The Beach Greetings

No matter how many times I go to the beach, no matter which beaches I go to, it's always that first glimpse of the sea that welcomes me the most. Suddenly the sun, clouds, waves, noise, smells and sounds all blend together to wrap you in it's world.

Welcome To The Beach

The only thing that's hard about the beach welcome, is when it's time to leave. I hate to say goodbye but always ready for my next welcome to the beach adventure.

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