Whale Bones Found On The Beach

Whale bones I found on the beach still leave me amazed at how big the ocean world is, how old and how diverse.  I love finding beach treasures. Always searching for some great seashells, pieces of old treasures like boats, sea glass and some other great unknowns that was ashore. But whale bones! This treasure I did not expect.

Whale Bones I Found On The Beach

Whale Bones Fossils On The Beach

The ocean waves were serious the last few days. Even low tide was rocking the beach and covering most of the sand with every wave washing up with it plenty of shells and strong enough to move the beach rocks on some of the beaches (more about that later).

 Whale Bone Vertebrae On The Beach

Whale Bone Fossils On The Beach

To be honest, I had no idea when I spotted this pretty amazing looking specimen on the beach what exactly it could be. I just knew it was like nothing I had ever seen before and anything you find on the beach, is some kind of crazy treasure. I cleaned it up and started my google research and before long I was able to easily figure out this is for sure a whale bone vertebrae fossil. 

Maybe it was the winter storms that were raging to the North of us that helped send this whale fossil my way, or maybe it's been dislodged from an old whale graveyard from hundreds of years ago and just found it's way to land now. Whichever it is, I feel pretty honored it chose to share this find with me. 

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