Horses On The Beach Day

Just when you think you are having the perfect beach day.... The family is there up bright and early and ready for adventure. Great friends are visiting from out of town and the sun is shining for them to make new memories by. The fishing is great the guys are pulling in pompano and whiting from the perfect turquoise sea green ocean waves. The shells are completely covering miles of low tide sand. The kids are filled with smiles, seashells, sand castles and sun screen. It's one of those beach days that you are sure just couldn't get better. Until it does.

Off I go walking for miles searching for sea glass (which I found a few nice pieces of!), unusual seashells, humming to myself when I look up and spot three of the most beautiful horses trotting towards me. On their backs are three lovely girls smiling, laughing, patting and petting their horses as they ride past me. 

Horses On The Beach Day

I smile at their happiness to them and say "you just made my beautiful day even better - wow they are beautiful" and with that the oldest of the girls on a gorgeous horse trotted over and said hello. I asked if they were their horses or was it a riding stable....  She told me that they rescued horses and loved them so much. She asked if I wanted to pet her horse Noah and like a 5 year I said "Oh yes I really do" and Noah was soft, with big brown eyes and patiently said hello back to me. I talked to the girls for a little bit and thanked them. For stopping to talk to me. For rescuing horses. For being the next generation that will make our world a better place. For all the love and smiles they add to the world.

It really was an even more beautiful day on the beach.

Beautiful Beach Day

Sea Glass and Seashells Treasure Beach

Sea glass and seashells that are my favorites were the treasures from the beach today. I love finding whelk shells, especially lightning whelks so I was thrilled with two perfect beauties I found today. Rounding off my bonus treasure day was my first piece of beautiful blue sea glass that was a thrill and I thought completed my great day until I found, with a gasp and a "no way.... is it really!" a beautiful lions paw seashell. Although it's slightly broken it's a rare find for me and so beautifully shaped and it's colors are amazing.

Lightning Whelk Seashells and Beach Treasures
 Lightning Whelk Seashells and Beach Treasures

As if the beautiful lightning whelk seashells weren't enough for my shelling fun next I found a piece of beautiful blue seaglass. My first piece of blue and I hope not my last!

Sea Glass Treasures From The Sea Blue Seaglass
Sea Glass Treasures From The Sea Blue Seaglass

And then I was lucky enough to find my pride and joy this beautiful Lions Paw Seashell. Although not totally intact it's in very good shape it's proud shell formation beautiful, sturdy and it's colors are just perfect. This seashell treasure could be one of my most favorite finds ever. So far.

Lions Paw Seashell Beach Treasures
Lions Paw Seashell Beach Treasures

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Seashell Treasures Lions Paw Shell

Jetty Waves From Firefighter To Beach Adventures

The power of the ocean, the tides, the moon and the sea unpredictable, unstoppable. Standing at the top of this beach area is the horizon far and wide as you can see.  The view of the powerful waves washing right up to me was amazing enough until I looked down and found even more amazing treasures that were thrown right up to me. A Whale bone vertebrae fossil was this day's treasure from the beach. Read more and check out the whale fossils here

I had no idea I would find anything like this on the beach and in all fairness, I had no idea what these were when I first found them I just thought it was awesome looking and had to find out more. I brought it home and cleaned it up and it turns out I found an awesome whale bone vertebrae what's the chances.

Whale vertebrae fossil bones found on the beach

This whale fossil could be hundreds of years old who knows. Just when you thought you figured out the beach, you learn quickly - you can never figure out the beach, the ocean or change the tide of the sea.

Whale Bones Found On The Beach

Whale bones I found on the beach still leave me amazed at how big the ocean world is, how old and how diverse.  I love finding beach treasures. Always searching for some great seashells, pieces of old treasures like boats, sea glass and some other great unknowns that was ashore. But whale bones! This treasure I did not expect.

Whale Bones I Found On The Beach

Whale Bones Fossils On The Beach

The ocean waves were serious the last few days. Even low tide was rocking the beach and covering most of the sand with every wave washing up with it plenty of shells and strong enough to move the beach rocks on some of the beaches (more about that later).

 Whale Bone Vertebrae On The Beach

Whale Bone Fossils On The Beach

To be honest, I had no idea when I spotted this pretty amazing looking specimen on the beach what exactly it could be. I just knew it was like nothing I had ever seen before and anything you find on the beach, is some kind of crazy treasure. I cleaned it up and started my google research and before long I was able to easily figure out this is for sure a whale bone vertebrae fossil. 

Maybe it was the winter storms that were raging to the North of us that helped send this whale fossil my way, or maybe it's been dislodged from an old whale graveyard from hundreds of years ago and just found it's way to land now. Whichever it is, I feel pretty honored it chose to share this find with me. 

Seashell Planter Home Made DIY

My seashell planter is one of my favorite homemade projects. It was one of those things you think about and never get around to. Every time I looked at the plain planter on the outside of my screen door I would think I really should replace that planter. It has a great aloe plant growing in it that was a baby clipping from a great big aloe plant that we never thought would take, but my daughter babied it and it was now thriving. I didn't really want to transplant it but I could. But I didn't. And I really like the shape of the planter that fit really nicely in the little plant stand. So really for months I did nothing. Except for say I really should do something with that planter, at least 3 times a week.

Aloe Plant In My Old Planter Pre Seashell Renovation
Aloe Plant In My Old Planter Pre Seashell Renovation

Then it happened. The great idea and motivation from out of nowhere. Wouldn't it be awesome if I could cover the planter with some of the great seashells I am always collecting from the beaches I love.

Seashells From The Beaches I Love

Out came the seashells. Tons of seashells. All different sizes, shapes, colors. Out came the tacky glue, mod podge and then finally, the only thing that really worked to hold the naturally shaped shells to the curvy shaped planter (with the aloe plant still inside the whole time) was the hot glue gun.

Seashells Work Great With A Hot Glue Gun

I have used tacky glue and mod podge with other great projects including shell art home made projects before with great success but this planter was not going to happen. The shells slid almost immediately so unless I held each one in place for about an hour it just was not going to work. Out came the hot glue gun and a fresh new package of glue sticks.

Seashell by Seashell. One by one I chose from the great colors and shapes from the sea that I had handpicked over the last few months just because they all just were fascinating to me.

Seashell By Seashell Hot Glued Onto The Planter Project
Seashell By Seashell Hot Glued Onto The Planter Project
Choosing the right shells to fit any kind of pattern on the interesting shaped planter was no easy job. Pretty small crown conchs, olive shells in every size. Whelks and cockle shells and pretty scallops. So many to choose from. To fit in to the right spot. I also decided to add some pretty cool white decorative rock accents to give the planter that southern beach feeling so they got hot glued on also.

Seashell By Seashell Hot Glued Onto The Planter Project
Seashell By Seashell Hot Glued Onto The Planter Project
It took a couple of days dedicating every minute and hour I could possibly run out to work on the seashell planter but I loved it as it started coming together. The family would come out to visit. There were many cups of coffee. Lots of eyes and helping me sort through even more shells. Plenty of fun DIY home artists in my family and lots of great advice. And more coffee.

Seashell By Seashells
Seashell By Seashell The Planter Was Really Starting to Come Together

A seashell project of love it took lots of time, hot glue sticks, seashells and coffee but I love my seashell planter
A seashell project of love it took lots of time, hot glue sticks, seashells and coffee but I love my seashell planter

I was determined that every spot of the original worn out planter would be covered with something beautiful. Layer by layer. Shell by shell. Burned hot glued finger by burned hot glued finger this seashell planter was starting to look great!

Shell by shell. Burned hot glued finger by burned hot glued finger this seashell planter was starting to look great!
Shell by shell. Burned hot glued finger by burned hot glued finger this seashell planter was starting to look great!

It took a ton of hot glue sticks, initially for the shells and rocks and then another layer in and out around every shell wherever I could to make sure this planter would make it through the harsh weather of down South Florida.  So far so good. Everything is holding on. As the summer comes and time goes by we'll see if the hot glue can stand up to the hottest sun in the world. 

I really am crazy about the seashell planter. Now I look at it every day and smile. It reflects who am I, what I love and what I love to do. Take things that are pretty cool and make them even better. The aloe plant seems to love it's new look too it's still growing like crazy.

I really am crazy about the seashell planter. Now I look at it every day and smile. It reflects who am I, what I love and what I love to do. Take things that are pretty cool and make them even better. The aloe plant seems to love it's new look too it's still growing like crazy.

And the good news is, if any shells do come off, I can always go back to the beach and collect some more seashells to replace them! 

 Searching For Seashells At The Seashore
 Searching For Seashells At The Seashore

Beach Fit Naturally

Beach fit is everyone's goal as soon as the winter starts to end in most places, uh oh summer is coming time to get in shape! The best way I stay more fit these days is the beach. Admittedly I live down South so I can go to the beach more often now, although it gets pretty chilly sometimes in the winter even down here. It's not just the beach that does it though. It's the walking. And walking. You don't even realize how much walking you can do if you aren't thinking about it as exercise.

I wear my Fitbit when I walk on the beach. Well OK I always wear my Fitbit! About 4 years ago I gave up carbs in my never ending search for losing weight, staying gut healthy, sharper and more alert. Healthier. Then the Fitbit age came around and I thought, OK I'll try this but I bet I already burn plenty of calories every day. I started out with a Fitbit Charge. I decided not to ramp up any workouts or walks to see what I already naturally burn in calories a day. I stay pretty busy even though I had retired from 20 years of heavy duty physically demanding firefighting.

Fitbit Perfect To Wear All The Time

Shock of my life. I didn't burn half the calories all the experts said I should burn every day just to maintain my weight!! What! No Way. The second day showed the same results and I realized, I needed to kick up my every day routine. Walking yes. Stepping around the house more often. You can keep your feet, arms and body moving while you cook, brush your teeth, choose your clothes and you can get up and move while you watch TV. Yakking on your phone. Texting with your friends. Guess what get up and get moving. Take a walk. Vacuum the house (I hate cleaning but it really does burn calories and you have a cleaner house afterwards!)  Working on your computer. Get up more often take a break walk to your other rooms. Do some chores. Park a little further away when you go shopping. I'm serious! The results just from doing the above is phenomenal.

Not only did I feel great but I have to tell you within 2 weeks, not eating any differently because I already was watching the intake, cutting the carbs and drinking my water - the weight dropped off, just gone. 10 lbs, 15 lbs. I started seeing numbers on my scale I didn't even see as a teenager. And most important I felt great. I'm just sharing I promise I'm not a Fitbit Rep or anything like that.

Fitbit Calorie Burning Tracker Wear It On The Go

So when I moved down South I wasn't going to give up my stepping and moving or my Fitbit. Once I found the beach, well that is just heaven. Taking a walk around your community is nice but walking on the beach it's incredible. I love the "steps" I burn the calories with, I love the freedom from stress, laundry, vacuuming, bills. I love the beach and staying fit naturally walking on the sandy beach is the biggest bonus of all.

I did however switch to the Fitbit Flex 2 because it's waterproof perfect for beach days, swimming and not only is light to wear, you can change bands (the charge band fell apart and could not be replaced you had to buy a whole new expensive Fitbit) bands come in sizes that fit not only my wrist but also my ankle for my bicycle exercising. The only downfall is it has not on unit screen you do have to check your phone for your updated stats, this doesn't really bother me but it was a change.

Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof and perfect for the beach and pool
Fitbit Flex 2 is waterproof and perfect for the beach and pool

The Fitbit Flex 2 is very inexpensive now probably because it will be replaced with a more expensive Charge version that will be waterproof but at around $59.00 trust me, I really love this Fitbit and never, ever fall below my daily steps it's become too important to me to forget about it or just let it be another "fad". 

 Personalize Your World Be Happy With You

So even if you can't make it to the beach to go walking, consider a Fitbit or calorie burning tracker that works for you. It motivates you watching real results to get up and get moving. It helps you stay fit physically and when you are so proud of yourself it helps you mentally too. Goals are good and everyone's goal should always be to be proud of themselves for who they are.

Disclaimer: The links above for the Fitbit Flex2 link to Walmart where I bought mine, I do get a small affiliation fee from Walmart if you purchase through this click (help support small businesses like mine if it works for you too!) but you can buy FitBit from many stores and other links online. The important part of this story was to let you know how great it works for me!

Relax On The Beach

This relax on the beach post is probably different than most others you have seen. It has all the great makings of sand, ocean waves, a scenic beach umbrella and two beach sand chairs. It even has an awesome sea bird time perfectly to beautifully photo bomb my relax on the beach photo.

 Relax On The Beach

The difference is I can't remember ever using the beach chairs to actually sit in. Once I did give in and sit under the umbrella for 15 minutes to cool off, but the rest of the time I'm just not sitting in the sand, under the umbrella and watching the waves wash up.

To me relaxing on the beach means taking walks that end up, well I don't know how far I end up! I'm too busy enjoying the sea air, watching the waves and walking in them ankle deep to see how far I ended up. My fitbit is on. I have the cool yet inexpensive waterproof fitbit Flex 2 tracker that goes with me wherever I go (you can read more about why the Fitbit Flex 2 is important to me). I can go back later and look at my phone to see how much mileage I tracked, how many calories I  burned.... but no I'm too busy relaxing by not sitting still. There's too much to see. Different areas of the beach have different waves and troughs and sandy inclines. I have to see them all. 

There are seashells to look for especially if the high tide left a new wrack line, I don't want to miss any new ones. There is sea glass to search for. Sand dollars could wash up. There is so much to see. Cool dogs are playing in the water and chasing balls on the sandy beaches. Kids are happy and smiling and building sandcastles. 

Walking along and seeing what's new at the beach is always what is relaxing to me! But I have to admit after all the sea winds, sandy feet, crashing waves and hopefully a shell bag filled with some new treasures, the best part is going back to home base. Where the family has the sand chairs, beach umbrella, sandy towels and fishing rods, big smiles on their faces greeting me knowing how much I love the beach and these walks. Relaxing on the beach. Keeping it moving that's how I relax on the beach. Just writing about it makes me look forward to.... well hopefully tomorrow when we are seashore bound again.

Footsteps On The Beach

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