Freshest Fish Cakes From The Sea

It's kind of crazy to me that I'm cooking up food that...... we catch ourselves! I wasn't catching fish then frying it up for dinner when I was living up North busy raising a family, a full time job and firefighting day and night. In fact that never even occurred to me. Firefighter kitchen cooking was by the bulk because everyone was eating and you never knew who would be there. Family cooking was planned both big dinners and whip them up quick dinners.

 Florida Fishing On The Beach Fish Cake Recipes

With all the prep I've done and all the cooking I've done, I never caught my own fish, fresh filleted it and then actually cooked and eaten it. It's kind of fun. And definitely very different. I love the part where you spend the day at the beach. Some of us fishing, some sea shell adventuring and of course, some playing in the waves.  This really was a simple home made fish cake recipe - you don't have to catch the fish yourself for this to work great on any fish from crab and shrimp to whiting and flounder
Check it out here: Easiest Fish Cake Recipe With Home Made Cole Slaw

Living in Florida recipes go something like this:


1. Go Spend The Day On The Beach And Catch Fish

2. Fillet All The Fish (OK my son in law fillets all the fish - no way I'm doing that)

3. Cook The Fish - This is where I can contribute if I don't know a recipe I'm great at making them up pictured below my famous easiest ever low calorie, low carb, high protein Fish Cakes and below that simple fried fish fillets perfect for lunch, dinner or fish frys

 Fish Cake Recipe Bonfire Designs Easy

4. Eat The Fish With Family and Friends (Don't forget to talk about the big one that got away wink, wink) And Enjoy The Evening Relaxed and Informal Don't Forget To Grab A Beer And Watch The Sunset

5. Next Beach Day - Start All Over Again!

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