Baby Sea Turtles In Florida

Baby sea turtles in Florida are so important there are local rules and laws to help these tiny, determined beautiful little turtles survive. Sea turtle nests are protected with barricades and tape marking out the area beach goers should stay away from so the baby eggs can survive without being disturbed. Lights out on the beach at night so sea turtles aren't frightened and disoriented when it's time to lay their eggs. Even the residents who live in houses on the beach are respectful about not using glaring lights at night that reflect through their windows.

The love and respect for sea turtles is a beautiful thing that unites people no matter their differences in politics, financial status, genders and careers. Everyone unites to care about the little sea turtles and try to help protect them.

I was lucky enough to be there when baby sea turtles celebrated their just born birthday and declared their independence on July 4th making their way determined and awesome to their new home in the sea.

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